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Randy Schuster – Design Technology


ARC's Design Technology program provides a background in skill and theory to qualify the student for employment as a design draftsperson.

The ARC Design Technology Program emphasizes the basic skills needed for success in architectural, mechanical and engineering occupations. These include the design process, drafting standards and practices, technical communication, and design critique and presentation.  The use of computers and CADD software is emphasized throughout the program since they are the tools of choice in the industry.

Important Rules on how to succeed in my classes ... from Musashi's (Master Swordsman from Japan Circa 1600) Book of Five Rings which relates how to be good at whatever you want to do:

Musashi's Nine Rules to become good at what you do ...  

"Those who sincerely desire to learn my way of strategy will follow these rules for learning the art":
*Do not harbor sinister designs. Think honestly and truthfully.
*The Way is in training. One must continue to train.
*Cultivate a wide range of interests in the ten skills and ten arts. Then one can definitely find the benefits of hyoho and develop oneself.
*Be knowledgeable in a variety of occupations, and learn the thinking of people who work in them.
*Know the difference between loss and gain in worldly matters.
*Nurture the ability to perceive the truth in all matters. It is important to build up an intuitive judgment and understand true values.
*Be aware of those things which cannot be easily seen with the eye. Develop intuitive judgment and a mind that freely controls one's body.
*Do not be negligent, but pay attention even to the smallest details. Keep them in mind all the time, so as to avoid unexpected failure.
*Do not engage in useless activity. Do not argue about useless things. Concentrate on your duties. (Do nothing that is useless)