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Psychology 373 - Child Psychology

Updated for Fall Semester 2018
Class begins Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Course Information

Required Textbook

Book cover of course textbook, Siegler et al.

Authors: Siegler, Eisenberg, DeLoache, and Saffran
Title: How Children Develop
Publication date: 2017
5th edition

ISBN: 9781319059125


About the course: Child psychology is a fascinating and challenging subject that is used to understand the children in our lives - whether our own, our relatives', or those we work with - and even ourselves (in retrospect). Much of this course is focused on the "how" of psychology: how psychologists investigate questions, how to determine whether one method should be used over another, how to understand the conclusions drawn about children within context. Classic studies in psychology plus current trends will be discussed as an overview of this very broad field is provided in this course. I hope you leave the course understanding psychology better, the children in your lives, as well as leaving a better consumer of research.

What to Expect in this Course:

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Required Hardware/Software:

All of my psychology courses require the use of a computer, including the Internet. The courses are not designed to be worked on using small mobile devices, e.g., a phone or an iPad or the equivalent. A desktop or laptop computer is expected. Enrolled students may use any computer available on any Los Rios campus to access the course.

Browser - any of the following: Google ChromeFirefoxSafari, Internet Explorer

Media Readers and Players - any of the following or the equivalent: Adobe ReaderFlash PlayerShockwave, Java