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Online Course - Psychology 300

Updated for Summer Semester 2018

Class begins Monday, June 25, 2018.

Psychology 300 Sections 10015 and 10199

Student on computer

This is an online course in psychology. Students will interact with classmates and the professor online via the course site (Canvas). Except for textbook reading, all course work is accessed and submitted online. 

About the course: Psychology is a fun and challenging subject that is used to understand every aspect of our lives. Much of this course is focused on the "how" of psychology: how psychologists investigate questions, how to determine whether one method should be used over another, how to understand the conclusions drawn within context. Classic studies in psychology plus current trends will be discussed as an overview of this very broad field is provided in this course. I hope you leave the course understanding yourselves better, the people and animals in your lives, as well as leaving a better consumer of research.

What to Expect in this Course: