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Michael Maddox - Chemistry

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Office Hours:

Room 408-A or Room 408

Times posted on office window, or see syllabus.

Additional Info:

Teaching Chem 400 this semester.

The following links will allow wait-listed students to keep up with the class before they have access to Canvas;

Chem 400 Basics Worksheet


Lab Introduction Lecture (Tuesday/Thursday morning)

Lab Introduction Lecture (Tuesday/Thursday afternoon)

Lab Introduction Lecture (Monday/Wednesday)

Lecture Notes (classes 1 and 2)

Chapter 1 Homework

Chapter 2 Homework

Information About My Chem 400 Class

My general philosophy is that a student's grade should reflect their knowledge and understanding of chemistry upon leaving the class, not simply the amount of effort they put in during the semester (I'm sure you wouldn't choose to be treated by a doctor who worked hard in class but left medical school with no knowledge or understanding of medicine).  Consequently, exams (particularly the final) are heavily weighted - 85 % of the final grade comes from quizzes, exams, and the final, all of which are taken in class under strict exam conditions.  Lab reports contribute the other 15 %.  Doing homework and attending every lab and lecture are crucial for success, but are not directly worth any points.  If you would prefer most of your grade to come from lab reports, homework, and 'showing up', this is probably not the class for you.