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Math 120 - Intermediate Algebra


1. Do homework for each section on the day it's covered. This gives you time to ask questions over email or in the next class meeting. It also gives you time to find another way to finish if your computer crashes, internet goes down, etc. Please do not find yourself doing your homework the night before or the morning of the deadline -- something will eventually go wrong. Deadline night is for finishing the one or two problems you had trouble with and had to ask about. I will not bump assignment dates if you are working on homework on the deadline date and something goes wrong.

2. "View an example" and "Help me solve this" should be used only as a last resort. Very little learning occurs when you do a problem by following one that is just like it. Each time you use this support, come back and click "Similar Exercise" to do one on your own.

3. Write out homework on paper as if it were to be turned in.
Write the problem, show your work, and circle your answer.
Keep each assignment, labeled by section, in a notebook to refer back to.

4. On multiple choice questions, guessing kills learning .
Don't look at the choices until you've finished the problem on your own; then find your answer from the list.

5. The goal of homework is to give you practice in order to be prepared to solve these problems later (on exams and in other classes), not just to complete the assignment. A perfect homework score isn't worth much if you don't fully understand the how and why behind the problems. Please let me help when something isn't perfectly clear.