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Important Message to All Students!!!

All communications from me will be sent to you via your iMail account.   I do not have access to your personal email accont.  The only email address I have access to is your Imail account.

Online Orientation and Imail:  Students are responsible for ensuring that ARC has their correct contact information as a part of the online orientation. When you login to D2L, one of your first tasks will be to activate your Imail account (if not already activiated) and update your forwarding address preference in your imail account.

D2L will have all the information you need to update your Imail account!  Just follow the directions!

 Please, ensure your iMail account is activated and, if applicable, set up your iMail account to forward all messages to your preferred email address and automatically delete forwarded message to prevent your inbox from getting full.

 NOTE: The D2L website will not be available until Monday, January 17th at 5:00 pm


LINK to D2L Website