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Course Materials

Required: Klein, Organic Chemistry, 1/e 2012, ISBN 9780471756149
Recommended: Klein, Study Guide/Soln's Manual, 1/e 2012, ISBN 9780470926611

Required:Pavia, Lampman, Kriz and Engel Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques, A Microscale Approach, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2006, 4/e

Note: We only reference the back half of this textbook (the Techniques portion). For a less expensive alternative, see below.

A less expensive alternative to the lab textbook is to purchase the custom-published lab textbook available from the ARC Bookstore. It contains only the Techniques portion and is essentially the back half of the Pavia textbook cited above. Since we only reference the Techniques, this is probably a better alternative for you.

Note that the cover design may change from semester to semester.

Pavia Custom Text

Required: Chemistry 420 Laboratory Manual (available in the bookstore)


Chem 421 Lab Manual

Required: Bound lab notebook (not spiral-bound or with perforated pages).  

Please DO NOT buy one of the lab notebooks with carbon-less paper (the kind where each page makes a copy for you to turn in).

Bound Lab Notebook
Required: OSHA-approved laboratory safety goggles goggles

Recommended: Molecular Model Kit for Organic Chemistry

The bookstore sells a good model kit: Prentice-Hall Molecular Model Kit for Organic Chemistry, ISBN 0-205-08136-3

model kit