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Katrina Worley, Department of Anthropology

Photo of Katrina at Chaco Canyon


Katrina Worley






Office Location:

Davies Hall 366

Office Hours:

M/W 10:30-noon, T/Th 1:30-3:00, or by appointment

Additional Info:

Syllabi are provided on this site as a service to assist students in determining if a class is a good fit for their needs. In some cases the syllabus may not be current, but even so they will give an idea of the format and expectations of the course. Syllabi will be updated prior to the actual start of the semester, so students who are enrolled in a class should download the newest version at the start of the semester.

As an anthropologist and archaeologist, my primary interest is how changing technology affects culture. I focus primarily on textiles since they permeate all aspects of daily life and reflect change in other realms while remaining comparatively unobtrusive, however other technologies are equally instructive of these changes. Ethnoarchaeology and experimental archaeology are useful mechanisms for shedding light on human technological behaviors.