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Kinesiology 405 Special Populations

This class was formerly called PET 405: Special Populations.

It is part of American River College's Fitness Specialist Certificate program and equips students with the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to begin an exciting career in the dynamic field of fitness. Click on: American River College Fitness Specialist

This class is a hybrid class which means it is taught in the classroom and student's are also required to use American River College's D2L online learning system to complete weekly assignments/take tests/submit assignments.

This class will cover the effects of exercise on special populations. Information on how to modify exercise based on age and medical conditions will be covered. Special groups discussed will include seniors, the physically impaired and individuals with coronary heart disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity, low back pain, and arthritis as well as the disabilities listed in the schedule of lectures contained on the class syllabus.

This class is team taught by Jana Allen and Raye Maero. Class will be held in Allied Health 715.   Check your college catalog for times and dates of classes.   

Please be prompt as tardiness is a disruption to your fellow students and your instructor.

Information on how to contact your instructor is listed on your Syllabus and also on your D2L Homepage. Communication is important. If you are having difficulties communicate your needs to your instructors as they can help you succeed in this class.

Be sure to read and print off a Syllabus. It is each student's responsibility to know what is in the Syllabus and understand the requirements and expectations of this class.


Jana Marie Allen



916 568-3100 X12101

Office Location:

I am adjunct and do no have an office but I can arrange to meet with students by Appt.

Office Hours:

See Syllabus and by Appt.