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Integration Bee



   Integration  Bee        

 We had 100 students that participated in the integration bee at ARC last spring.  Please check out the video of our integration bee.

ARC Integration Bee 2016

Congratulations to all of these students on their accomplishments!



Here is a checklist of integration methods you can use on the Integration Bee:

Basic techniques:

Integrals of powers and of trigonometric functions.


Integration by parts.

Partial fraction decomposition.

Trigonometric substitutions.


Tricky stuff:

Integrals of powers of trigonometric functions.

Integrals of hyperbolic functions.

Completing the square.

Elimination of radicals by substitution.

Substituting the tangent of a half-angle.


Integration Bee Practice Links:

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Challenging Integrals

MIT Integration Bee 2006


    MIT Integration Bee 2011 

 Integration Bee Techniques


Integration Bee Videos:


MIT Integration Bee Final Round  

High Speed Integration  

ARC Integration Bee 2016