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ET-335 Integrated Circuits with Computer Applications




This course covers integrated circuits (IC's) and applications used in industrial and consumer products. Topics include digital theory and applications from standard transistor-transistor logic (TTL) logic circuits to complex circuits built on programmable logic devices (PLDs). Field trips may be required.


Student Learning Outcomes:  Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

• demonstrate the operation of an oscilloscope and a variety of measurement equipment to measure and interpret electrical signals.

• create and analyze schematic diagrams and trace a signal through a circuit.

• compare the schematic symbol, truth-table, and theory of operation of the seven basic logic gates.

• generate decoder circuits from logic gates and evaluate the output of decoder circuits.

• convert logic circuits to Boolean equations and Boolean equations to logic circuits.

• analyze and simplify Karnaugh maps from Boolean equations.

• compare the schematic symbol, truth-table, and theory of operation of the three basic latches.

• design and evaluate decoder display circuits.

• analyze the operation of divide by 'n' counter circuits.

• design timer circuits using the 555 timer and RC circuits.

• construct and evaluate analog to digital converters.

• diagnose circuit failures by applying electronic theory and operating test equipment.


Gary George



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