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ESL Reading 320

ESLR 320       Advanced-Low Reading      4 Units

Prerequisite: ESLR 310 (Intermediate-High Reading) with a grade of "C" or better; or, for those not previously enrolled in an ESL reading course within the Los Rios District, placement through the assessment process.
Advisory: Concurrent enrollment in an ESL Listening and Speaking and Writing course at the student's assessed level.
Hours: 72 hours LEC

This course, intended for non-native speakers of English, focuses on refining academic reading skills with an emphasis on speed, vocabulary development, and analytical comprehension. It also includes practice in research and synthesizing skills and extensive writing based on critical analysis of readings at the Advanced-Low level.

In this class, we work on reading by working on vocabulary, reading faster, making inferences and analyzing reading passages.  We will integrate sources and research into our analyses.