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Eye movement research & reports

Selected research in Eye Movement related to the ARC Eye Movement & Reading Awareness Lab activities:

(new!) Examples: Reading Experiences in the EMRA lab.  

(This powerpoint illustrates a few of the interesting discoveries from reading experiences in the EMRA lab over two semesters.  The first part of the powerpoint illustrates NNS of English reading patterns at different levels of proficiency with one comparison reading by a NS.  The second part of the powerpoint illustrates a few reading pattern differences and similarities made by the same students across a semester.  These students read at the beginning of the semester and again at the end of the semester.  There is also an L1 vs L2 illustration of reading patterns.  The powerpoint contains offline video.)

"How do you read?  Eye Movement and Reading Awareness (EMRA) resource lab, American River College" (Fall, 2016). 

This is a 'white paper' report about the pilot stage of the EMRA lab during Spring and Summer 2016 semesters.

Reading Dynamic Text (Specker, 2009)

This is an interesting video of Keith Rayner discussing eye movements and reading: