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EMRA pictures

pictures of our lab and people

picture of lab

The humble EMRA lab contains a viewing monitor with the eye tracking camera below it.  The instructor sits at the next desk with the laptop computer.

picture of a fixation map

This is a fixation map made in the EMRA lab. It illustrates where the reader fixated, or looked, while reading a text.

Reading using the eye tracking camera

Using the eye tracking camera is as easy as sitting in a chair and reading a computer screen.

This is a short video on YouTube that shows a person reading instructions.  Click on the picture below to start the video.Picture of Instruction fixplot

This is an example of a person reading instructions. The dots show where this person looked when reading.  The larger the dot, the longer the person's eyes looked at that point on the screen.   Notice that the outside words (on the left and right sides) are not actually viewed (there is no dot on those words).  Also, this person skips or only very quickly sees short or predictable words.  This is a nice example of how our brain fills in words and ideas and skips to the next, more useful content words.

Discussing Reading Awareness

Before we start to use the eye tracking camera and begin to read, we talk about reading awareness.  Topics include how reading is experienced in different languages, at home vs school vs work, self-perception of reading skills, what we use to read (screens vs paper), and even how we are successful in navigating our daily lives with reading.

watching the fixation video

An instructor and reader watch a video recording of his reading...  The video can be slowed down so that observations and reflections about the reading experience can be talked about.  We can talk about what the reader was thinking, positive reading habits, scanning techniques, etc.