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Welcome Students,

I am pleased to be a part of the American River College Gerontology Faculty teaching both online and classroom education. I have been teaching Gerontology courses for over 20 years and specialize in dementia and elder care training and mediation. I enjoy the college environment and in particular the students in community college classes. Every semester it is my pleasure to meet some of the most captivating and enthusiastic students.

As a gerontologist, my background is a combination of academic studies, professional attainment and personal experience with family members and friends. My academic studies began in the mid 1980's here at ARC when the pioneers in aging had begun to publish their findings. The term gerontology was understood by few at that point in time. My teaching career began in 1990 in the Los Rios Community College system and has been and continues to be personally and professionally fulfilling and rewarding. My academic background began at ARC with a degree emphasizing gerontology followed by a Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology and a Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis in adult education, both obtained from California State University, Sacramento.

I also served as a founding board member and the first executive director of the Alzheimer's Association in Sacramento, CA. During my tenure as the executive director I spoke with numerous family members who enriched my life with their experiences and the challenges of caregiving. It was during this time that my Father was diagnosed with dementia and my Mother and I cared for him. After my Father's death my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and my family cared for her in our home for seven years until her death. My interest in dementia has not diminished over the years and I train staff in facilities about dementia and managing the behaviors that accompany these dreaded diseases.

I am supportive and respectful of my students. I endeavor to provide personal attention to every student in my classes, and do my best to make information accessible, valuable, relevant and current.

I am pleased to have you as a student in this class and look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise while at the same time learning from you.

Welcome to class.

Cheryll Moore, Professor