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Studying in Italy: Italian history and culture

Professor Wrightson

HIST 399 Studying in Italy:  Italian History and Culture 4 Units

General Education: AA/AS Area I; AA/AS Area III(b); CSU Area C2

Course Transferable to CSU

Hours: 72 hours LEC

This course, offered as a study abroad course in Italy, surveys Italian history to provide a background for exploring and appreciating Italian life and culture. The focus is on examining the historical context of Italian cultural and artistic expression, thereby informing and enriching our understanding and enjoyment of Italian art and culture. In Rome, the course focuses on the ancient and religious sources of Italian culture. In Florence, students explore and examine how human expression in art, literature, and philosophy served to create a new sense of the possible during the Renaissance.  Also studied is how culture reflects human values and how those values can be transformed and at times ennobled by creative genius.