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History of Western Civilization, origins to Renaissance

Professor Bill Wrightson 


HIST 300 History of Western Civilization 3 Units

Advisory: ENGWR 102 or 103, and ENGRD 116 with a grade of of "C" or better; OR ESLR 320 and ESLW 320 with a grade of of "C" or better; OR placement through assessment process.

General Education: AA/AS Area V(b); AA/AS Area I; CSU Area C2; CSU Area D6; IGETC Area 3B

Course Transferable to UC/CSU

Hours: 54 hours LEC

This survey course reviews western civilization from its origins in the Ancient Middle East until the Renaissance. It emphasizes the social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual forces that have served to define western civilization. The focus is on the cultural legacies and contributions of the Ancient Middle East, Greece, Rome, and Medieval Europe to the development of western civilization.