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Math 25 - Arithmetic

Description: This course introduces the fundamentals of arithmetic with an emphasis on computational skills. Topics include whole numbers, exponents, order of operations, factors, fractions, decimals, problem solving, and applications.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Course Topics The topics for this course are typically allocated as follows:

Lec Topic
2 Whole Numbers: Reading, Writing, and Round Whole Numbers; Place Value
3 Addition of Whole Numbers: Basic Facts; Techniques of Addition in Vertical (column) and Horizontal formats; Estimating Sums and Reasonableness of answers; Applications
5 Subtraction of Whole Numbers: Basic Facts; Techniques of Subtraction in Vertical (column) and Horizontal Format; Applications 
6 Multiplication of Whole Numbers: Basic Facts; Techniques of Multiplication in Vertical (column) and Horizontal Formats; Techniques for Multiplying by Powers and Multiples of Powers of 10; Applications 
6 Division of Whole Numbers: Basic Facts; Techniques for Dividing using various Algorithms; Division by Powers and Multiples of 10; Applications
6 Prime Numbers: Identification of Prime Numbers; Divisibility Rules (by 2, 3, or 5); Prime Factorization; Greatest Common Factor (GCF); Least Common Multiple (LCM)
2 Fractions: Representations of Fractions; Fractional Notation; Equivalence and Reducing to Lowest Terms of Fractions; Improper Fractions/Mixed Numbers and Related Conversions
4 Multiplication and Division of Fractions: Techniques involving Simple/Improper Fractions; Techniques involving Mixed Fractions (or Numbers); Applications
5 Addition and Subtraction of Simple Fractions: Techniques involving Common Denominators and non-Common Denominators
4 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions and Other Numbers: Techniques involving Mixed and non-Mixed Fractions; Applications
6 Decimals: Definition of Decimal Fractions; Conversions between Decimals and Fractions; Addition and Subtraction of Decimals; Multiplication and Division of Decimals; Applications
3 Exponents and Order of Operations
2 Final exam