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English Writing 94 and the 300-Plus Success Community

ENGWR 94 with ENGWR 300 Corequisite

This site is designed to help students who assessed into ENGWR 94 (Succeeding in College Composition) register for the right corequisite courses.

In addition to registering for ENGWR 94, students must also register for the corresponding section of ENGWR 300 (College Composition) that is listed in the online Schedule of Classes.

  • ENGWR 300 meets AA/AS graduation requirements and is transferable to a four-year college
  • You are also required to take ENGWR 95 or 96 and ENGRD 111
Image of ENGWR94 placement

Find Open Section Times

How to Register for ENGWR 94

Both ENGWR 94 and the corresponding section of ENGWR 300 must be in a student’s shopping cart at the time of registration. All sections of ENGWR 94 are connected to a section of ENGWR 300 that immediately precedes it in the course schedule.

An example image below shows the classes meeting 8:00am-10:20am in the same room with the same professor (click on the image for more details).

Screenshot eServices shopping cart with ENGWR94 and corresponding classes

If you try to add a section of ENGWR 94 and don't add the corresponding section of ENGWR 300 (listed in the course notes for each section of ENGWR 94), then you will get this pop up note:

"This section of ENGWR 94 is part of the 300-Plus Success Community. To enroll, you must also add ENGWR 300, DATE and TIME (SECTION #) into your eServices shopping cart. You must also enroll in any .5 unit section of both ENGWR 96 or ENGWR 111."

NOTE: If you graduated from high school in the last 7 years, you can now provide unofficial transcripts as evidence that you may be ready for a higher-level class.

Registration questions can be directed to the English Office at (916) 484-8101.