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National Collegiate Athletic Association

Your responsibilities are:

  1. To understand your transfer requirements.
  2. To develop a Student Athlete Education Plan.
  3. To follow your education plan and update it every semester.
  4. To check in with an Athletic Counselor if anything changes.


NCAA Eligibility Center 

Determine your eligibility for Division I and Division II programs directly out of high school.  This must be completed by all student athletes that compete at a Division I or II institution.


Click on the link below!


Steps to register:

  1. Register at the NCAA Eligibility Center site.
  2. Send your high school transcripts.    HS Transcripts Request Form
  3. Send your SAT or ACT scores. Use code 9999.    SAT or ACT
  4. Let your Athletic Counselor know when you have completed these steps, so your eligibility status  and transfer requirements can be determined.


NOTE: All student athletes who have not completed this process will be considered a NON-QUALIFIER for NCAA transfer purposes and your education plan will reflect this status.


NCAA Transfer Requirements

Determine your eligibility requirements for Division I, Division II and Division III programs upon transfer from American River College. 


 NCAA 2 year Transfer Guide



Click on the links below!

NCAA & NAIA Transfer Rules Quick Reference Guide

Take the Quiz to see what rules apply to you!