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American River College Athletics

Your responsibilities are:

  1. To understand your ARC eligibility requirements.
  2. To develop a Student Athlete Education Plan.
  3. To follow your education plan and update it every semester.
  4. To check in with an Athletic Counselor if anything changes.

ARC Eligibility Requirements

Comprehensive Educational Plan

All Student Athletes must have a Comprehensive Educational Plan on File. Deadlines:
Fall Sports: October 15th
Spring Sports: March 1st

Progress Reports

Fall: Distributed starting September 15th; Due October 1st
Spring: Distributed starting February 10th; Due March 1st

In Season

  • 12     Must be enrolled in 12 units for the duration of the semester.
  • 9       9 of the 12 units must be in academic coursework.
  • Must be enrolled in the ARC Sport class to participate (even if redshirting) in the ARC team.
  • Must be registered, enrolled, and attending class no later than four weeks after the first day of class. Second 8 weeks courses DO NOT count toward eligibility and may be used ONLY in addition to the 12 units the student is enrolled in and attending at the start of the semester.
  • If the season of sport spans two 2 semesters, at American River College that includes men's and women's basketball, a student athlete must be enrolled and attending 12 units fall and spring semesters.
  • ARC athletes can attend courses at other Los Rios colleges and count the coursework toward their unit requirements with no minimum units required here at ARC, with the exception of students who need to establish residency.

Second Season Continuing Eligibility

  • Once a student competes in any scheduled game, meet, or match, the student must complete and pass:
    6      Must successfully pass 6 units if full time. Can ONLY use regular academic term (not summer) to make up this requirement.
    18    Complete and Pass 18 Academic units.
    24    Complete and Pass 24 Overall units. May use summer classes for this requirement only.
  • 2.0   Maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA (grade point average) in the courses completed starting with the first competition in ANY sport.
  • Residency: All student athletes who competed at any other California community college have to establish residency with ARC by completing 12 units (8 unit maximum in the summer) before the semester of competition begins. Students who competed at other Los Rios Community colleges will also have to complete residency requirements.


NOTE: Additional rules and/or exceptions may apply to your specific circumstances.  See your Athletic Counselor, Coach or Athletic Director.