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Tina Macuha from Channel 31 and ARC culinary arts instructor, Chef Roxanne O'Brien


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ARC Patrons Club began in 1958 with six women who were invited to meet with Dr. Bill J. Priest and his assistant, Doris E. Raef, to discuss forming a community women's organization to work with the college. The American River Junior College Patrons Club was formed, limiting membership to 60 women leaders in the community. The objectives and goals were built on a strong foundation, and remain the same today. The ARC Patrons Club continues to work for the college interest and the community.


  1. To serve as a liaison group between ARC and the community.
  2. To add to the enlightenment of its members.
  3. To contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community.
  4. To provide counsel and support to the President of American River College.

Some Outstanding Projects

  1. Annual Patrons Chair and Honorarium for outstanding faculty member
  2. Patrons Meritorious Service Awards for Classified and Management staff.
  3. Assistance with Student Association projects and student clubs.
  4. Gifts and donations to the Boettcher Library.
  5. Contribution and volunteer assistance to ARC Child Development Center.
  6. Donations and gifts to the Arts Area.
  7. Music Department computer-assisted instruction.
  8. Sponsor of Teachers of Tomorrow.
  9. Counseling Center computer-assisted articulation system.
  10. Donations to Emergency Loan Funds.
  11. Campus beautification programs--landscaping.
  12. Volunteer assistance to Counseling, Community Service.
  13. Scholarship assistance.


  1. Patrons chair and honorarium for faculty and staff.
  2. Annual Craft/Bake sale, a yearly fundraiser for Patrons projects.