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Planned Giving

Planned Giving refers to gifting options with a deferred component. Planned gifts are a way to maximize your charitable giving while providing financial and tax benefits to you and your family. A wide variety of options are available and the planned gift that is best for you depends on your individual situation. People of all ages, incomes, and financial situations can make a planned gift.

An overview of the most common planned giving vehicles is given below.





Charitable Trusts

Lead Trust: A gift for ARC today - a gift for your heirs tomorrow.

Key Benefits

Revocable Living Trust: To support American River College in a way that is flexible and can be changed if you desire. At the same time, you want to provide for your family, both before and after your death

Key Benefits:

Income For You

Charitable Gift Annuity: Benefit yourself and your community college.

Key Benefits:

Charitable Remainder Unitrust: You own highly appreciated real estate or securities. You would like to receive income, but taxes on a sale will significantly diminish the total value.

Key Benefits:

Charitable Remainder Trust: You donate assets to a trust, naming American River College as the trust recipient. The trust will then pay you income for life or for the joint lives of you and your spouse. After your death, or the death of your surviving spouse, the assets within the trust are distributed to American River College.


Bequest: You would like to support American River College, through a planned gift, in the easiest way possible. A bequest may be a specific sum, a percentage, or the residue of an estate, and may consist of cash, securities, insurance proceeds, real estate, and/or personal property. A bequest may be made through a will or by a living trust.

Key Benefits

Did you know that you can include ARC in your will without incurring the expense of redoing your estate-planning documents? Just include the Office of Philanthropy as a beneficiary by writing a codicil to your will or doing an amendment to your trust.

To leave a Bequest to American River College in your will, you need the following information:

Bequests can take various forms, and it is easy to add a charitable bequest to your will. You and your attorney can add a simple codicil that will accomplish the task. Two sample clauses that can be incorporated into your will are presented for your use:


"I give to American River College the sum of __________dollars (and/or_______shares of _______________ Corporation and/or the following real property) to be used for general support purposes."


"I give the residue of my estate at my death to American River College for general purposes of the College."

The type of bequest that is most appropriate for your situation can best be determined in consultation with your attorney and financial advisor.

Once you determine your personal goals, our staff can help you design a personal gift program that can have a lasting impact upon the future of education at ARC.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation: You would like to show your continued support after your death by making ARC a beneficiary of your retirement account.

Key Benefits:

Life Insurance Beneficiary: You have a life insurance policy you no longer need, or you would like to purchase a new policy specifically for philanthropic purposes.

Key Benefits:

Deferred Gift: You would like to donate your home to ARC knowing you will retain the property for your use.

Key Benefits:

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