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Create a Scholarship

While fees at ARC are less than those at state and private universities, the cost of books, supplies, and transportation are essentially the same. The average estimated cost for a student living at home is $4,100 a year for tuition, books and supplies. Because so many students rely on scholarships to help them pursue their academic goals, the greatest share of funding administered by the Office of Philanthropy is in the form of scholarships. Scholarships provide funds to ARC students who are continuing for their second year or transferring to a four-year institution. A named scholarship can be created for $500 a year. The donor can select the criteria and meet the student recipient(s). Guideline/Form for Scholarship Establishment.  [PDF File] 


Scholarship assistance gives you an opportunity to enhance the life of a deserving American River College student. Scholarships have been established through the generosity of businesses, associations and individuals. These scholarships reward student achievement, encourage student leadership and accomplishment, and provide needed financial assistance.

Scholarships have been instituted to honor or remember family, friends or organizations. Some scholarships are created to provide trained professionals in needed fields of study. For whatever reason, financial assistance helps students receive the necessary education to compete in today's world.


How is a scholarship established?

A named scholarship can be established at $500 annually. The scholarship may be renewed each year with an annual gift from a donor. Guidelines/Form for Scholarship Establishment.

Can I select the recipient(s) of my scholarships?

The  Office of Philanthropy has assembled a team of faculty and staff to select the recipients for all scholarships. This keeps the process organized and ensures that scholarship donations remain tax deductible to the donor.

For donors who wish to be actively involved in the decision-making of their scholarship, funds directed at specific students can be provided to ARC's Financial Aid Office. While you are still supporting students, funds of this type are not eligible for a tax deduction. 



How will students know about the scholarship?

The availability of the scholarship, specifying the guidelines and the sponsor, is listed on the ARC website in early January.

How are the scholarships monitored?

Scholarship funds are distributed in the summer in time to pay for educational expenses in the fall term. Students' eligibility is verified before the funds are distributed. 



For information on how to establish a scholarship, please contact the

ARC Office  of Philanthropy

(916) 484-8174 or email Director of Donor Relations
Kirsten DuBray at