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Student Success Is His Success

Craig Weckman
Craig Weckman and one of his diesels

It's not every day you meet a professor who is so committed to promoting the students in his program that he sends biographical books of graduating classes to hundreds of industry leaders in an effort to help them find employment. ARC Professor Craig Weckman is that kind of leader.

Weckman oversees ARC's award-winning Diesel/Clean Diesel Technology and Automotive Collision Technology programs based at the Mather Center - interconnected disciplines that have recently joined forces to better serve students and partner industries.  

Weckman's career at ARC began 10 years ago in a facility that resembled an empty shell. Since then, his vision is now a reality bursting at the seams with students and state-of-the-art equipment.

Due to Weckman's grant-writing efforts and the help of industry partners, the program's burgeoning facilities are now used to train students and industry personnel consecutively.

Keeping course offerings relevant and industry-ready is made possible by relationships fostered with the likes of Tesla, Volvo, and more. Degrees and certificates are offered in Automotive Collision Technology and Diesel Technology, besides other related certifications.

Partners call Weckman weekly seeking to hire students. "We have to be careful and limit this or we'll lose all our students before the semester is over," Weckman said with a smile.  

The basic program is 9 months long, and on a typical day at 7:30am every seat in the class is filled. The future looks bright, with the largest electric school bus fleet training coming soon. But Weckman's greatest passion is enabling a bright future for all of his students.