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Why Branding Matters

Whether it is a webpage or a flyer, it is important that ARC communicates in an attractive, professional, and consistent graphic identity.

ARC has created these style guidelines to ensure that all print and online materials visually define the college in a consistent manner that will be instantly recognizable. These guidelines support and protect the image of the college.

To use ARC's logos and mascot for download, users must agree to the following:

  • The ARC tree logo and lettering have registered trademark protection, so any use of these elements other than those described in the guidelines is prohibited, regardless of funding sources. Please read the ARC Style Guide for more information.
  • Individuals, groups, and organizations, both on and off campus, seeking to produce and sell merchandise with trademarked ARC logo must have prior approval. 
  • Third parties, entities, or organizations wishing to use ARC logos for any purpose must first request permission from Community Relations Office.

By downloading these files, you agree to these conditions above.

Download Standard ARC Logo Packet


ARC Branding Resources