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Classified Spotlight

July 2018 Classified Spotlight

NAME: Saira Bettencourt
TITLE: Administrative Assistant      
JOB: Supporting the Dean, Faculty, and Students.
DEPT: Science and Engineering

How do you serve the campus community?
I try to help our division run somewhat smoothly. My position entails supporting the dean, assisting faculty with their day-to-day needs, and answering student's questions.

What specialties did you bring with you to your job? 
Before coming to ARC, I worked at a private test-prep company in a suburb of Seattle. It doesn't sound all that glamorous, but the co-owners of the company were purely magical. They made sure that employees and students felt heard and felt that they belonged to the team. As a result, our work environment was fun, productive, innovative, and did I mention - FUN?!? I try to live by their example to make everyone feel welcome and carry that positive energy with me (even when I might not personally be feeling positive). I hope that people feel that when they interact with our office. 

What would you like others to know about your job? 
We're all doing the best we can and learning along the way. It can sometimes be challenging to keep all of the balls in the air and not forget something or let something fall through the cracks. I think overall we do a pretty good job, but please be forgiving if something gets delayed or forgotten. Remember to be gentle with your people.  

If we handed you a magic wand - and you could change ONE thing on your campus, what would it be? 
Cobwebs. Seriously though, spiders - ew.

What would you like others to know about you? 
I'm incredibly shy at first (especially in groups), but those who know me one-on-one would never know it. That said, I like new friends; so come say hi!