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Fundraising Activities

How Are Fundraising Dollars Used?

Fundraising dollars help pay for our Classified Staff of the Year Award, Classified Staff Higher Education Scholarship, Act of Kindness and Student Assistant of the Month Awards, and our Classified Senate Student Scholarship Award.

Water Sales at Commencement

Each spring at the graduation ceremony the Classified Senate is on hand to help those attending beat the heat by selling ice cold bottled water.

Water Sales Booth


Other Fundraising Activities

Please check back for upcoming fundraising activities.

Donate to the Classified Senate

Would you like to donate to the Classified Senate? We have a Classified Senate Operations account set up through the ARC Foundation Office. Donations may be tax deductible (contact your tax advisor for further information).

You can donate a single gift or choose to have a monthly payroll deduction given to the Classified Senate account.

 For more information, contact the ARC Foundation office at (916) 484-8174, or e-mail Executive Director Kirsten DuBray at 

Questions? Please e-mail us at