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ARC Classified Senate

Welcome to the Classified Senate website

Recognizing and Developing American River College Classified leadership. Actively promoting and advocating for American River College Participatory Governance.

Our Philosophy

The Classified Senate is the representative voice and advisory body elected from the classified staff at ARC. It provides classified employees and the college community with a formal organization to maintain communication and representation in the on-going development and implementation of state, district, college, and community programs, goals, and planning. This body shall represent itself to the college community and administration in matters of participatory governance, staff development, and staff recognition. Recommendations of the classified staff shall steer this representation and exchange with other groups.

Six goals of the Classified Senate, taken from the senate constitution:

  1. To be a voice for the classified staff on non-union issues
  2. To be an avenue for participation by classified staff in shared governance
  3. To foster communication, understanding, and mutual support among classified staff
  4. To provide a means of communication between classified staff and the college community
  5. To inform classified staff of Senate actions and current issues of interest to the college community.
  6. To promote the professionalism and value of the classified staff. 

Donate your support to the ARC Classified Senate

Would you like to donate to the Classified Senate? We have a Classified Senate Operations account set up through the ARC Foundation Office. Donations may be tax deductible (contact your tax advisor for further information).

You can donate a single gift or choose to have a monthly payroll deduction given to the Classified Senate account.

For more information, contact the ARC Foundation office at (916) 484-8174, or e-mail Executive Director Kirsten DuBray at 

the questionIf you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at