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Classified Professional Development Committee

Institutional Governance Online Repository (IGOR)

Chair(s) Phone E-mail
Nicole Griggs 484-8634
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Meeting dates 3rd Thursday





Times 1:30 - 3:00 pm
Location ITC Conference Room


  1. Provide assistance, guidance, and financial support to classified staff in the expansion, progress, or growth of their professional development.
  2. Review funding request applications and award funding for staff development, including conferences and workshops, submitted by permanent classified staff.
  3. Advertise classified professional development application procedures, deadlines, and funding availability.
  4. Encourage attendance at events of interest to classified staff, in collaboration with Classified Senate, Center for Teaching and Learning, and other groups.
  5. Provide input to the Professional Development Coordination Committee on the distribution and use of available monies.

Revised 1/9/2015

Membership Composition = Total of 9 members

Applications must be to the Classified Professional Development Committee prior to or on the date due.

Application E-mail:


Application Deadlines for 2018:

1st Friday:

Application Procedure and Guidelines for Allocation of Professional Development Funds 

  1. The recipient of the ARC classified staff funds must be a permanent classified employee at American River College (a permanent classified employee has successfully passed the one year probationary period).
  2. The activity/event should relate to the employee's job and/or professional growth.
  3. Funding cannot be paid for tuition for credit classes.
  4. All applicants have a funding cap of $1,000.00 per academic year, provided that funding is available and the request is approved by the Classified Professional Development Committee.
  5. The strength of any given application is highly dependent on funding support received from related sources, e.g. department, area, etc. Letters of support help, but not as significantly as funding support shown on the application.
  6. The Classified Professional Development Committee has the option of fully or partially funding any request, depending on amount of district, college, and/or area allocation, amount of employee's total funding awards over time, the time of year, etc.
  7. DO NOT WAIT TO TURN IN YOUR TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION TO THE BUSINESS SERVICES OFFICE! It is easier to cancel a submitted travel authorization form than it is to submit a late one! Attach a note to the front of the travel request saying, "Requested professional development funding". Business Services has procedures in place to manage these requests.
  8. Travel requests must conform to district guidelines. PLEASE NOTE: out-of-state travel requires additional signatures (after submission to the Business Office) and an out-of-state justification memo from your Supervisor/Dean stating their approval, addressed to both the Chancellor and the College President. The memo must be attached to the travel request, which must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of travel. Contact the Business Services Office for questions regarding travel authorizations.
  9. Funding may be approved retroactively; however, there is no guarantee whether or not an application will receive funding from the committee. Retroactive funding requests must be submitted for consideration during the next funding cycle after travel has occurred and within the same academic year.
  10. Applicant submits a Classified Professional Development Funding Application electronically (scanning the application and all attachments) to the Committee email address by the advertised deadline: Part 1 of the Travel Authorization (TA) should be filled out (including cost estimates, department budget, and supervisor's signature) and must be included with the application. Paper copies will not be accepted  **SEE #7 ABOVE
  11. Immediately after the conference or event is over, the applicant completes Part III of the TA form (with actual costs), and again acquires his/her supervisor's signature. Attach to the TA any required receipts for the registration, lodging, transportation, and other approved expenses. The TA may now be submitted to the Instruction Office located on the third floor of the Library.
  12. Applicant completes (within 30 days) a brief evaluation report for the Classified Professional Development Committee about the activity. A blank evaluation report can be found by clicking the appropriate Evaluation Report link on the left side of the committee's website. If a report is not completed and submitted within 30 days of the event, future professional development funding maybe in jeopardy.   

Revised 4/3/2018