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Withdrawing from College

A student may withdraw from courses without a "W" notation being placed on the permanent academic record, if the withdrawal is completed prior to the published deadline. Courses dropped after the deadline will have the withdrawal noted on the permanent academic record as "W".

A "W" is used for determining progress probation and progress dismissal. No withdrawals are permitted during the last 25 percent of a course, except due to extenuating circumstances (verified cases of accident, illness or other circumstances beyond the control of the student), for which a student may request withdrawal through the student petition process.

Drops and withdrawals must be completed by published deadline dates. Students may drop classes online, or in person at the eServices Registration Lab or Enrollment Services.

Excessive Withdrawals

Per LRCCD Regulation R-7252 section, the maximum number of times a student may withdraw from the same course and receive a "W" symbol is three (3). A student may enroll in the course after having received three (3) "W" symbols. the student will be notified by the Enrollment Services office that if the course is not dropped prior to the "last day to drop without notation on record" specified in the class schedule/website, a grade other than a "W" will be assigned. In the event the faculty does not assign a letter grade because a student has withdrawn, any subsequent "W" after the fourth one shall revert to an "F".