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Success Strategy 1: Start Right

The Start Right success strategy represents a structured early experience for large numbers of newly entering students.

Jeff Stephenson (Associate Vice President of Student Services, Grant Programs)
John Aubert (Geology faculty)
Chanin Hardwick (Counselor)

Team (as of 9/1/17)

Name Perspective/Expertise
Jeff Stephenson AVPSS (Grant Programs)
John Aubert Start Right Coordinator/District SEL Representative
Chanin Hardwick Start Right Coordinator
Martin Gomez Counseling - Categorical
Doug Herndon Instructional Dean
Tadael Emiru Student Services Dean 
Frank Kobayashi AVPI/Dean
Tanya Anderson Categorical Support Programs
Tera Diggs-Reynolds SSSP Coordinator
Kimberly Gardner Financial Aid 
Rocio Owens Basic Skills Faculty (Summer Bridge)
Leah Arambel Basic Skills Faculty (Statway/WAC/RAD)
Parrish Geary Enrollment Process
Michelle Brock Basic Skills Faculty (Statway/WAC/RAD)
Dennis Lee Instructional Support Faculty
Tyler Rollins Researcher
Clint Allison Classified Staff (Counseling/Student Support)
TBD Counseling - General
Jerome Lahey Assessment 

Convocation PowerPoint about Start Right strategy (PDF document)