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Roster & Meeting Schedules


Senate Roster (updated 9/26/2018)

Caucusing Assignments for Faculty Coordinators
(updated Nov. 29, 2017) (pdf)


2012 Senators at Senate Retreat Vice President Tony Giusti addresses 2012-2013 Senators
Academic Senate Retreat


Unless otherwise specified, all meetings occur in the ARC Board Room, Student Center 3 - 5 p.m.Clip art Image of Calendar


This meeting schedule was approved during the May 10, 2018 meeting of the ARC Academic Senate:

Meeting Schedule of the ARC Academic Senate for 2018-2019

According to the ARC Academic Senate's bylaws, "The Senate shall meet at least once a month during the school year".

By tradition, the ARC Academic Senate meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month in the fall and spring semesters.

Fall 2018

August 22: Wednesday Fall Retreat (flex activity), 1:00 - 4:00, location TBA

August 30 (5th Thursday)

September 13 (2nd Thursday)

September 27 (4th Thursday)

October 11 (2nd Thursday)

October 25 (4th Thursday)

*ASCCC Fall Plenary Session - November 1-3

November 8 (2nd Thursday)

November 15 (3rd Thursday)

*Thanksgiving Holiday

December 13 (2nd Thursday) (Finals 12/14 - 12/20)


Spring 2019

January 16: Wednesday, Spring Retreat (flex activity), 1:00 - 4:00, location TBA

January 24 (4th Thursday)

February 14 (2nd Thursday)

February 28 (4th Thursday)

March 14 (2nd Thursday)

March 28 (4th Thursday)

April 4 (1st Thursday)

*ASCCC Spring Plenary Session April 11-13

Spring Recess April 14 - April 21

April 25 (4th Thursday)

May 9 (2nd Thursday)(Finals 5/16 - 5/22)