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ARC Academic Senate Matriculation Committee Appointments (2012 - 2013).pdf
Updated September 15, 2012


1.       The purpose of the Matriculation Committee is to address matters related to college matriculation issues, including development and updating of the college matriculation plan required under Title 5.


2.       Areas of responsibility:


a.       to recommend policy related to the components of matriculation reflected in Title 5 regulations, including admissions, assessment, orientation, counseling, advisement, follow-up, prerequisites, research and evaluation, and coordination and training

b.      to examine areas of matriculation involving coordination with other colleges in the district.

c.       to develop recommendations related to matriculation issues assigned to the committee by the Academic Senate or the Board of Trustees through the District Matriculation Committee, or requested by other college offices or groups.


3.       Membership:


a.       The faculty chair, appointed by the Academic Senate President to serve a two-year term following the academic calendar. The faculty chair will normally be the Matriculation Coordinator for the college.

b.      One non-counseling faculty member from each academic area, with two from the English area (one each from composition and reading)

c.       One general counseling faculty member

d.      One counseling faculty member from EOP & S

e.      One counseling faculty member from DSP & S

f.        One representative from the Classified Senate

g.       One representative from the Student Association

h.      One administrative representative from Student Services

i.         One representative from Assessment, appointed by the Associate Vice President for Student Success

j.        One administrative representative from Instructional Services

k.       One representative from the Research Office

l.         One representative from Admissions and Records.


4.       Subcommittees: The Matriculation Committee shall form any subcommittees it deems necessary in order to carry out the tasks associated with its responsibilities.


5.       Meetings: The Matriculation Committee will meet at least once a month during the regular academic year.


6.       Procedures:

a.       Fifty percent of the members plus one shall constitute a quorum.

b.      In any matters not covered by the guidelines above, the committee will function according to Robert's Rules of Order.