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Information Literacy Task Group


Created on April 7, 2011 based on the recommendation of the ad hoc Information Literacy Subcommittee.  The report was presented to the ARC Academic Senate at its meeting on March 24, 2011 and is included as a supporting document for that meeting.




To oversee and implement the recommendations made by the ad hoc group, with a focus on building upon ARC's current strengths of addressing information literacy and suggesting ways to include it in formal college planning processes..  These recommendations are as follows:


1.       ARC should continue to support professional development for faculty and provide educational opportunities for students in the area of information literacy.

2.       ARC should add a question related to information literacy to the "Curriculum" section of Program Review. Currently, the "Curriculum" section asks departments to explain major additions, changes, or deletions to their curriculum and asks if all course and program outlines have been updated within the last six years.

3.       The Los Rios Community College District investigate adding an information literacy checklist to the curriculum procedures in SOCRATES.

4.       Departments offering courses fulfilling the ARC General Education Requirement II-A, CSU GE Pattern A-2, and the IGETC Pattern A-1 should review and consider the level of information literacy skills development within their courses and how these skills may be evaluated.




The membership may include


·         Two faculty from English, ESL, or Business

·         One faculty from another content area

·         Two librarians

·         One counselor


Meeting Pattern


To be determined by the members of the Subcommittee.