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Faculty Handbook Subcommittee


Created by Resolution 2007.03, adopted October 11, 2007




1.       Identify and update sections of the Faculty Handbook that are no longer accurate.

2.       Identify, research, and write about new topics that should be included in the Faculty Handbook.

3.       Edit the entire document for style and consistency.

4.       Present the document to the full Senate for approval at its first regular meeting in March.

5.       Work with the Associate Vice President of Instruction in the Instruction Office for updates to changes in management staff and administrative procedures and to post/print the approved document no later than June 1.




The committee consists of a minimum of three faculty who shall serve a term of one year; the Chair must be an Academic Senator.


Members will be appointed or reappointed no later than October 1 of the academic year.


Meeting Pattern


To be determined by the members of the Subcommittee.