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ARC Academic Senate Curriculum Committee


ARC Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Resources

The Curriculum Committee is a committee of the Academic Senate. The Curriculum Committee reviews and makes recommendations on all proposals to add, delete, or revise courses or programs.


Function/Primary Duties


1. Review and recommend curriculum proposals concerning new course offerings, course revisions, and course deletions proposed by academic departments.

2. Approve and forward course proposals that meet college, district, and state goals and criteria.

3. Review and recommend curriculum proposals concerning new program offerings, program revisions, and program deletions proposed by academic departments.

4. Approve and forward program proposals that meet college, district, and state goals and criteria.

5. Facilitate communication concerning issues, programs, and opportunities relating to ARC's curriculum.

6. Review and approve courses to be included on ARC's General Education pattern.  Review and request that specific ARC courses be included on the following: CSU General Education Certification Pattern, Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) and the list of UC transferable courses. Submit ARC courses to request C-ID designation.

7. Review and monitor the development, implementation, and assessment of Title 5 and matriculation pre- and co-requisites.

8. Review, approve, and forward Community Service proposals.

9. Develop curriculum processes that align the college with regional and national accrediting standards.


Curriculum Subcommittees


The ARC Curriculum Committee accomplishes many of its functions through a set of subcommittees. The following is a current list of subcommittees:

Technical Review

Honors Curriculum

General Education

Distance Education





The Curriculum Committee consists of 23 members.


Voting members (20) are distributed as follows:


13 faculty (one from each instructional area, including Library and Learning Resources and Counseling and Student Services, with one Vice-Chair to be selected from these faculty representatives)

1 articulation officer

1 distance education coordinator

1 student

1 Vice-President of Instruction (or designee)

1 Associate Vice-President of Economic and Workforce Development

1 management representative from the Student Services division

1 management representative from an instructional division


Non-voting members include:


1 faculty chair, appointed by Academic Senate (may cast a tie-breaking vote)

1 Associate Vice-President of Instruction

1 Curriculum Instructional Services Assistant


Terms and term rotation


All faculty members of the Committee may serve for two consecutive terms of three years. After two consecutive terms however, the Committee member must take at least one term off before returning.


Occasionally, it may be necessary to appoint a faculty member to complete a partial term if an appointed representative is unable to fulfill his or her full term. If the partial term is less than 50% of a full term, it does not count as a term in the term rotation formula above.


The articulation officer holds a titled faculty position out of the Counseling Division and is exempted from the term rotation requirement.


The Chair and Vice-Chair may serve for two consecutive terms of two years, even if their service period as Chair or Vice-Chair extends beyond the maximum six-year service period noted above for all other faculty Curriculum Committee members.


The terms and term rotation schedules of management and student voting representatives are determined by the college President and the Student Association President respectively.




A quorum is not reached until a majority of faculty representatives are present.


Meeting Pattern


Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00pm