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Resources for Student & Staff Concerns

The following is a list of staff members who are serving as compliance officers for certain types of complaints, grievances, or disciplinary matters. This list is meant to maximize staff helpfulness to students.

College Equity Officer: Kate Jaques

Administration Building Instruction Office | 916-484-8765

Serves as first level compliance officer for student and staff complaints/allegations based on ethnicity, religion, age, sex (gender), sexual orientation, sex bias, sex stereotyping, color, or physical or mental disability. After initial contact, may refer certain complaints to the appropriate, specialized compliance officer for detailed investigation and resolution. Trains and appoints equity representatives for employee selection committees.

Disciplinary Officer: Chad Funk

Administration Building

Office of Student Conduct | 916-484-8465

Receives and investigates all referrals of student discipline problems. Makes recommendations for disciplinary action on the basis of Board Policy. Presents case to an appeals board if student appeals.

Student Grievance Officer: Sonia Ortiz-Mercado

Administration Building Counseling Office | 916-484-8375

Available to all students who feel they have been wronged and wish to file a grievance. Provides grievance procedures and forms. Determines if grievance is grievable. Provides information to Vice President of Student Services, if student appeals.

504 Coordinator: Parrish Geary 

Administration Building Enrollment Services | 916-484-8171

Oversees the campus compliance with 504 Federal Regulations and Board approved policy to ensure nondiscrimination on the basis of disability. Serves as first level grievance/ complaint official when discrimination on the basis of disability is alleged.Carries out the provisions of the grievance procedure and impartially investigates any complaint.

Sexual Harassment Officer: Kate Jaques

Administration Building Instruction Office | 484-8765

Investigates and attempts to resolve sexual harassment complaints from students and staff as set forth in the LRCCD regulations (R-2423).

Title IX Coordinator: Parrish Geary

Administration Building Enrollment Services | 916-484-8171

Oversees gender equity and ensures that equality is carried out on campus for staff and students. Responds to and seeks resolution of discrimination complaints based on gender.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator: Parrish Geary

Administration Building Instruction Office | 916-484-8171

Carries out the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ensures that students/staff applying for services under this act have proper disability verification. Oversees the campus compliance with ADA regulations.

AB620 Coordinator: Emilie Mitchell

Student Center

Pride Center | 916-484-8146

Oversees campus compliance with Assembly Bill 620, which includes the collection of demographic data about LGBT faculty, staff and students as well as encourages recommendations to improve the quality of life for LGBT faculty, staff and students.

For information on the process for student grievances, see page 10 of the "Student Rights & Responsibilities" handbook.] 

Note: Most complaints, grievances or disciplinary matters should be resolved at the campus level. This is the quickest and most successful way of resolving issues involving the college. You are encouraged to work through the campus complaint process first. Issues that are not resolved at the college or Los Rios District level may be presented via resources provided by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. Complainants are encouraged to use the official form provided by the Chancellor's office, however, that form is not required and complaints will not be considered defective or rejected if you do not use the form.

In addition to complaints being filed by students or employees, complaints may be initiated by other individuals or entities, such as a family member, representative, organization, or other third party wishing to file on behalf of an individual or group alleged to have suffered unlawful discrimination or harassment. For more information, please refer to Los Rios regulation 2423 here.