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September and October 2017 Message

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were welcoming students to the start of a new semester. Considering that as of Oct. 12, we will have reached the halfway point of the fall term, I can't help but wonder "where did all the time go?"

Granted, we don't always notice time's passing when deeply engaged in efforts about which we are most passionate. That said, I commend you for your steadfast commitment to transforming the future of all our students and our community through inclusive, equitable education.

Autumn is a season of change, and there is plenty of it taking place at the college this fall. On Oct. 2, for example, the Planning and Coordination Council approved our new governance structure. This semester we also began implementation of our new strategic plan and we have been making steady progress. My thanks to all those who are involved in these efforts, and I encourage everyone to remain engaged as time goes by.   

The creation of our strategic plan was a highly collaborative process where the planning team gathered input and feedback from a broad spectrum of folks across the ARC community. The college came together and agreed to measure its overall effectiveness as an institution based upon the success of our lowest-performing students.   

As a community we agreed a college-wide redesign was necessary because, despite a plethora of outstanding programs and great work from everyone across our college, the success of our students had remained relatively static through the years. We all realized the college needed to fundamentally redesign the student experience if we were going to significantly improve outcomes for all students. I am confident we will be able to make the changes necessary to achieve our shared vision.   

As the college moves forward with our new strategic/redesign plan, I ask you to stay engaged and involved. What can you do?  

First, invite those closest to our redesign efforts, including myself, to your department, division, or office to talk more about this important work. Addressing your questions and concerns, whether about the strategic plan, governance, or other changes, as well as getting your input and perspective is important. Send your invitation to and we will follow up with you.  

Second, ARC's redesign website has a variety of resources. Please make sure to bookmark this page and visit often. We work hard to update this page regularly recognizing the importance of timely and clear communication during times of significant change.   

Third, mark Friday, November 3 on your calendars for a college-wide summit. This event will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about our redesign work and share your input and perspective. I want to thank all of you who attended the Sept. 14 listening session. I appreciated the conversation, your thoughts and feedback. My next event is a Brown Bag discussion in the CTL for classified staff at noon on Friday, October 13. Please look for more of these informal events in the near future.  

Fourth, set-up text alerts on your phone so you will know when there is an update about the redesign process. Text @ARCPLAN to 81010 -- or visit and fill out the form. You can opt out of the service at any time in the future.  

Switching gears, I want to share a quick update on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The District has created a resource webpage with a great collection of informational updates as well as resources for students. Here at ARC, we are mobilizing to provide additional resources and one-stop Dreamer support services. We expect to have these one-stop services set-up and running in preparation for the Statewide DACA Advocacy Week, October 16-20. Look for more detailed information in the next couple of days.  

As I mentioned earlier, time often passes and we don't realize it because we are so invested in our work. Please know that your daily efforts to serve our students are sincerely appreciated and honored. You are making a difference every day in the lives of people who are striving to achieve their dreams. Thank you!