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June 2015 Message

Summer is supposed to be a time to slow down a little and catch up on things. However, the pace of change doesn't seem to have slowed here at ARC!

So, I wanted to take a few moments to follow-up on some of those changes.

First, there have been a number of changes to the college's administrative team. This is an exciting time - please take a moment to congratulate these folks on their new journeys. We also need to take a moment and thank those who have stepped forward (and continue to step forward) in interim assignments.

While we're on the subject of hiring, a big thank you to all of you working so hard to bring on new people. We're deep in the process of hiring over 20 faculty, 10+ classified, and several administrators. That wouldn't happen without folks working behind the scenes, moving reams of paperwork, scheduling countless interviews, and interviewing candidates (sometimes late into the evening). Thank you...

Speaking of change, the renovated Student Services building is looking beautiful! Construction is nearing its end - so that means moving time follows! The photo below shows a view of the lobby; financial aid will be on the right, just to its left will be assessment. The front counter will be a welcome location for students finding their way.

Student Services

Furniture is scheduled for installation during the first two weeks of July. Financial Aid and Assessment will move in towards the middle of July. After Financial Aid moves, minor modifications will be made to the existing Financial Aid area to accommodate the CalWORKs program. Additional modifications will be made to the new Career Center before that office moves. The goal is to have the building up and occupied by early/mid-August.

After that move-in, Assessment, CalWORKs, the Career Center, DSPS, EOP&S, and Financial Aid will be in the Student Services building. The Veterans Resource Center will stay in its current location - Portable 602 - for the fall term before it too will relocate into the Student Services building in December/January.

Please be patient during the moving process. In the end, we're going to have an outstanding space to better serve our students.

I wanted to go back briefly into the past - May 20, to be exact. It was an honor to participate in our 2015 commencement ceremony. To celebrate our students' accomplishments was a great feeling. Now, my hand was a little sore after shaking 600+ hands, but it was completely worth it.

If you attended graduation, you probably noticed we are busting at the seams - we have so many graduates and visiting family and friends. Consequently, we will be looking at ways to perhaps lessen the space crunch in future ceremonies.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to take a moment this summer and enjoy time with friends and family. Yes, change is happening all around us and there is always something going on at ARC. But I hope you all have a chance to take at least a little breather and relax/refresh.

Thank you.

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