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Campus Safety Information and Programs

Safety at American River College is everybody's business. Students, staff, and faculty are partners with the college in creating an atmosphere that is safe and encourages learning.

Crime happens because there is a criminal to commit the crime, a victim who can be victimized by the criminal, and the location or opportunity for a crime to occur. You can reduce the likelihood of being the victim of criminal activity if you take away the opportunity for the criminal to make you their victim.

Students, staff, and visitors need to take shared responsibility for the safety of themselves and their property. Everyone should also do their best to help others with this responsibility.

Safety Tips

Los Rios Alert
The LRCCD emergency mass notification system -- called Los Rios ALERT -- can send simultaneous messages to the campus community by text messaging/SMS, email, telephone, or cell phone. The system can be used to notify employees and students if there are urgent situations or important communications.

Students can update their information by logging into their eServices account and clicking on the link "Los Rios ALERT Sign-Up Page" in the Personal Information area. Employees can update their information by going to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) page, logging in, and going to the "Los Rios Alert Signup Page" in the Contact Information area.

Shuttle service
A free shuttle service is provided for ARC students and staff. Spring and fall hours are Monday-Thursday, 5:30-10:00PM; the shuttle runs every 60 minutes. There is no shuttle during the summer. Look for the shuttle signs in the Stadium, G, and B parking lots. You can wait at the shuttle stops or, to request one sooner, you can call the LRPD at (916) 558-2221 or use the emergency phones located near each shuttle stop sign. The shuttle can take you anywhere on campus.

Reporting emergencies - Los Rios Police Communications Center
The Communication Center is composed of P.O.S.T. certified full-time and part-time dispatchers. Students, staff, and guests are encouraged to immediately and accurately report all crimes, emergencies, suspicious activity and any other public safety related incidents to the Los Rios Police Communications Center at (916) 558-2221 OR they may dial 2221 from a campus phone. The Communications Center is staffed with trained dispatchers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may also dial for community-based emergency assistance from a standard on-campus phone by dialing 9-911.

When calling (916) 558-2221, if you have an emergency, press zero immediately. If you press zero, your call will be immediately routed to the LRPCC and a dispatcher will assist you.

There are "blue light" emergency telephones located throughout the campuses that ring directly into the Los Rios Police Communications Center. These autodialing phones may be used to summon police, fire, or medical assistance. See the campus map for specific locations.

What is considered an emergency?

Why would I need an officer dispatched to my location if it is not an emergency?

Silent Witness Program
Students and staff can anonymously report a crime by dialing (916) 558-2221. The dispatcher may ask your information. This is where you would choose to not identify yourself.

Jumpstarts and Escorts
The campus offers jump start services as well as escorts. Escorts are provided in the evenings wherein our Community Service Officers work both on foot and in carts to provide escorts across the campus. This service is accessible by dialing (916) 558-2221.

Lost and Found
Each campus police office is responsible for all items found in their respective locations. When items on campus are found and brought to the campus police office, the item is recorded and a registration number is attached then every effort is made to get it back to the right owner. If a student or staff member loses an item and reports it with the campus police department, the lost item information is documented in the event it is found and brought to the campus police office.

Operation ID
The LRPD participates in a FREE property registration program for students and staff, Operation ID. Register your valuable property (bicycles, laptops, etc.) in case your property is ever lost or stolen. Engravers are available to engrave your state driver's license or identification card number onto your property. The Police Department is open during normal business hours for property registration at all main campuses (registration can also be scheduled at the outreach centers upon request). Please call (916) 558-2221 for more information.

Information needed to register your property: name, address, phone number, Student ID, state Driver's License or state-issued ID card, email address, serial number, brand, model, color, and any additional descriptors.

Bicycle safety and theft prevention tips
Always lock your bicycle to a fixed metal rack in a designated bicycle parking area. A metal U-type lock is recommended. Take with you any parts that are quick-release and cannot be secured. It is recommended that you not park a high-dollar bicycle on campus.

Always record your serial number. It is a good idea to engrave your frame with your driver's license or identification card number. The department has an engraver that can be checked out at the front counter.

In addition, it is recommended that you license your bicycle with the Operation ID program so the serial number and description are readily available in the event the bicycle is stolen. The chances of recovering a stolen bicycle increase when a serial number has been entered into the California-wide stolen property data base.

Safety talks/workshops
The LRPD offers safety talks upon request, for any office, organization, or classroom as needed on campus. In addition, Sexual Assault Workshops are offered for students and staff each semester. Also, presentations on available police services and programs are provided upon request for new employees, international students, and prospective students and their parents. For further information on any of these topics, please contact the campus police office.

Victim Assistance/Rights
All services are free and confidential. ARC offers the victim bill of rights and referrals to community and campus support services for counseling. We have lists of important numbers/brochures.

RAD-Rape Aggression Defense
The RAD System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The comprehensive course begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. You will learn: 1.) Defense against the most common strikes 2.) Methods to disable your attacker by utilizing your strength and 3.) Lifestyle awareness and empowerment to prevent attacks. This course is offered throughout the Los Rios Community College District.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
The Los Rios Police Department conducts an assessment on campus safety annually. Shrubbery, trees, and other vegetation are routinely trimmed and artificial lighting is maintained with safety issues in mind. The campus community is encouraged to report unsafe conditions, safety concerns, exterior lighting issues, or telephone malfunctions to Campus Operations, Facilities Management, or the LRPD.

The LRCCD has instituted the Action Coordinators for Emergency Survival (ACES) program. Key staff and other volunteers are identified and trained on building evacuation, first aid, fire suppression, and search and rescue. In the event of a significant emergency or dangerous situation, ARC may activate the ACES members to assist with this activity.

Crisis Intervention/Sexual Assault Response Teams
Upon notification of a sexual assault, LRPD activates the campus Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). Team make-up varies, but membership generally includes counselors, nurses, campus administrators, Title IX Coordinators, etc.

Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-CERT)
The Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-CERT) educates employees in disaster preparedness, training them in disaster response skills such as fire safety and suppression, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Members use their training to assist others on campus or the community following an event to enhance first response capability.

"Megan's Law"
Persons convicted of certain sexual offenses are required by law to register with the law enforcement agency where they live. If the person is attending or employed by the LRCCD, they are required to register with the LRPD also. Please visit the Office of the Attorney General's website at to search for registered sex offenders in your area.