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SLO Program Mapping


American River College has a long history of robust and detailed program and course curriculum development. Most recently, the use of the Socrates Curriculum System has allowed the faculty to systematically achieve and document a rigorous curriculum that ensures the appropriate depth and breadth of our programs and courses.


Our faculty has implicitly mapped our course SLOs into our programs through a rigorous and reflective curriculum and program review process. With the tools that are now available, we are able to explicitly map (show the links between) our courses and the student learning outcomes that have been established for our programs (degrees and certificates). The purpose of this Program Level SLO Map is to systematically document how our course level curriculum supports student learning for our degrees and certificates.

Benefits and Considerations:

There are a number of benefits that can be found when course level curriculum is mapped to the degree / certificate level.  

  • New faculty can easily see how the courses that they teach fit into the over-all program.
  • Changes in curriculum can be reviewed to ensure that they strengthen student learning without negative effects on the over-all program
  • The program can be reviewed in a holistic manner to show the breadth and depth of support for the various program level Student Learning Outcomes.
  • We are able to prove to our accreditation team that our faculty utilizes a systematic and rigorous development / review process to achieve continuous improvement of our program level student learning outcomes.


Each degree or certificate in your program has it's own worksheet in a single file. The sheets are pre-populated with program level SLOs and with the courses listed in Socrates that go with the program. For each sheet the program level SLOs are listed along the top and the required courses (from Socrates) of the program are listed along the side.

For each course review the official curriculum in Socrates and determine how strongly the course supports student learning of each program level SLO. Fill in the matrix to document your decisions based on a scale of 1..2..3..4..5. Leave the matrix blank if the course does not support the Program Level SLO. For this scale 1 means "Minimal Support" and 5 means "Substantial Support" .

When you are done filling in the matrix, review the program holistically to verify that the rigor, breadth and depth that you expect is indeed there.

Contact Thuan Bui or Jeffrey Stephenson to receive a copy of your SLO mapping template.


You will  submit your completed SLO Mapping document to Sharepoint  at  For directions on how to upload your documents please watch the instructional video.

How to upload your SLO Mapping Document Video