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Educational Master Plan (EMP)

The Educational Master Plan (EMP) provides departments the ability to identify and report what resources are needed to accomplish goals that were identified during the program review process to address both strengths and area's of improvement for that department. 

The annual EMP process links with Program Review through its annual evaluation of progress on program review recommendations and objectives which leads to resource allocation requests.

Link to EMP System


During the Spring semester, each department is asked to evaluate their progress on their goals, add any additional goals, update the status of prior years resource requests and collectively decide which resources to request for the coming year as well as the relative priority of each resource.

The types of resources that can be requested include:


EMP User Guide

Requesting the additional resources does not guarantee that the department will receive them.  However, it allows planners to identify and prioritize the need so that, as resources become available, the need can be met.  Typically, if a department does not specifically request a resource as part of its EMP, requests for that resource will not be considered in the coming year.  Instead, a department will need to include it in their next year's EMP for consideration. For information or access to the system please call (916) 484-8679.