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Program Review


"What does your department do and
                 how well is your department doing it?"


The Program Review is a document that each department must complete every six years. The goal of the program review is not so much to report "up" to management but rather is to facilitate a department-wide discussion and careful evaluation of its core mission and how well it is fulfilling that mission.

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Completing the Program Review is a multi-step process as described below:

  • Check to see if your department is required to complete the program review process this year by clicking "This Year's Cycle".
  • Attend the program review training. This usually happens at the early in the fall.
  • Each department begins by carefully reviewing its previous objectives and evaluation from the EMP system. As well as the recommendation from the previous program review.
  • As a collaborative team, the department evaluates how well it has done at achieving those objectives and documenting their successes. Additionally--and perhaps even more importantly--each department should identify where they did not fulfill their goals and attempt to discover what barriers hindered their achievement. Complete the program review online program, addressing course enrollments, demographics, success rates, distance ed and many other factors allows departments to take an in depth look at their program to identify .
  • Strategies are discussed and plans created to address these strengths and weaknesses for the coming six years. Each department updates its list of objectives to reflect any new or additional goals as well as to delete any objectives that are no longer relevant in their EMP to address these areas.

Contact the ARC Research Office if you have any questions about completing the Program Review. Our phone number is (916) 484-8899