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Strategic Plan and Achieving the Dream 2017-21



In May 2017, the Los Rios Board of Trustees approved ARC's new vision, mission, and social justice statements, as well as strategic goals.

Our Vision

Transform the future of all students and our community through inclusive, equitable education.

Our Mission

American River College places students first in providing an academically rich, inclusive environment that inspires critical thinking, learning and achievement, and responsible participation in the community.

American River College, serving the greater Sacramento region, offers education and support for students to strengthen basic skills, earn associate degrees and certificates, transfer to other colleges and universities, and achieve career as well as other academic and personal goals.

Our Commitment to Social Justice and Equity

American River College strives to uphold the dignity and humanity of every student and employee. We are committed to equity and social justice through equity-minded education, transformative leadership, and community engagement. We believe this commitment is essential to achieving our mission and enhancing our community.

Strategic Goals

1. Students First - The College engages and connects students early and often to people, programs, and services as an integrated educational experience. By providing personalized, proactive support, the College fosters relationships that ensure all students, particularly the historically underserved and marginalized, persist, learn, and succeed.

2. Clear and Effective Paths - The College provides easily recognizable pathways to, through, and beyond ARC. Offering well defined and supported pathways provides a foundation for success as students enter the College, make timely progress toward achieving their informed educational goals, and seamlessly transfer to other colleges and universities or find employment in their chosen career.

3. Exemplary Teaching, Learning & Working Environment - The College ensures an equitable, safe, and inclusive teaching, learning, and working environment. Culturally relevant curriculum, innovative, high- quality instructional methods and technologies, exemplary academic and student support services, and comprehensive and integrated professional development create the best conditions for teaching and learning. The College promotes liberation and honors the dignity, humanity, and contributions of all members of our community.

4. Vibrancy and Resiliency - The College promotes a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and transparent communication. Proactive, effective, and efficient operational systems and governance and data-informed approaches to planning, decision-making, and resource allocation provide a high level of service to our students, community, and to one another.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the strategic planning process. Your feedback and input has been crucial in the success of the new plan. Please look for more opportunities to be engaged throughout fall 2017 - and the semesters to come!

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Over the last couple of years, the college has taken a hard look at what it will take to significantly improve the outcomes of all of our students. Through this dynamic process, we concluded that such improvements can only happen through a fundamental redesign our students' experience.

The college joined Achieving the Dream to support and assist us as we embarked on this redesign effort, the official launch of which has been the development of a new strategic plan. This planning process has included multiple college wide summits as part of gathering input from across the institution. The participation and engagement has been outstanding - there is clearly momentum for redesigning our students' experience.

Watch the video below for an overview from ARC President Thomas Greene.

Achieving the Dream

American River College is proud to be a member of Achieving the Dream, a national network founded on the premise that redesigning key Achieving the Dream Logo aspects of a college is not an innate skill, but rather a learned one, where the efforts come through time, effort, the exercise of courage, and experiences of both failure and success.

Have Questions?

For questions regarding the strategic plan, please contact the Achieving the Dream Team Leaders at Achieving the Dream Core Team Leaders are Tressa Tabares (Political Science Faculty) and Lisa Aguilera Lawrenson (Vice President of Instruction). Achieving the Dream Data Team Leaders are Yuj Shimizu (Psychology Faculty/Researcher) and Adam Karp (Dean of Planning, Research, and Technology).