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New pre-apprenticeship opportunities for recent veterans!   

In Partnership with PG&E, SMUD, and SETA, ARC will offer pre-apprenticeship training for career pathways in utility line workers and specialty welders during 2012-14.  Click on the link above to learn about PG&E PowerPathway programs available at ARC.  If you have any questions, contact Mary Wolf @ 916-484-8974 or email  The link below shows photos from our utility line worker pre-apprenticeship during Fall 2011. 


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During the fall of 2011, ARC, in partnership with SETA, PG&E, and SMUD provided an intensive 8-week utility line worker Pre-apprenticeship for military veterans.  Many of the graduates of this program have secured employment at PG&E, SMUD, City of Sacramento, SureWest, and Caltrans, to mention a few employers. 

Highlights from the training program:

Employer Breakfast: In the fall of 2011, we sponsored a meeting where we invited energy and utility employers and agencies from the region to learn about our veteran pre-apprenticeship program and to meet our veteran students.  As a result, many of the employers went on to hire our students in well-paying and exciting careers in utilities.  Click this link to see pictures of the event.

 Mock Interviews:  After students learned how to create a resume that translated their military experience into civilian experience and learning about the art of interviewing, students practiced their interviewing skills with utility employers. 

Welding and Utility Line Worker Pre-apprenticeship (fall 2012):  This will be ARC's second training event for military veterans to prepare for careers in energy and utilities. 

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