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Success Stories

Picture of Cipri Cipri: I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was in high school. I tried a lot of different paths, but finally found my place, my home, when I started with STRIPE. It is not a glamorous industry and it took me awhile to realize that glamour doesn't necessarily mean happpiness. In class, as I listened to the instructors and guest speakers talk about their trades, I was moved by how passionate they were in their careers. I learned that it is not glamour that is important; it is doing what makes you happy, fulfilled, and gives you a sense of pride. While construction work is hard, it doesn't even seem like work to me because I am finally doing what I love. (Graduated STRIPE May 2010)
picture_of_Jon STRIPE gave me a future beyond my expectations.  Three things I valued about STRIPE include: 1) hands-on experience in a variety of skills, 2)resume building workshops, and 3) hearing from all the apprenticeship union reps.  Because of STRIPE, I am in the process of testing to become an operating engineer  apprentice.  My advice to anyone looking for a real future is to go with STRIPE!  Doors will open to you as deep as you are willing to go.,  There are no limist except the limits you put on yourself.  I am proof of that! (Graduated STRIPE May 2012)
Picture_of_Leslie Leslie thought she had 3 things going against her: 1) her age, 2) a woman, and 3) have never been on a job site before.  That did not matter once she got into STRIPE.  Leslie was highly motivated to learn all she could.  As one of the top students in her class, Leslie landed a career with the laborer apprenticeship and Kiewit Construction.  She loves her job her company loves her work!  (graduated STRIPE May 2011)