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Frequently Asked STRIPE Questions

FAQ Questions about STRIPE Pre-Apprenticeship Program

  1. Who are good candidates for STRIPE? Any student who likes to work with their hands, build things, and is physically inclined. It could be students in your CTE/ROP programs, athletes, and students who learn best by doing. 

  2. What is STRIPE? STRIPE stands for Sacramento Transportation Regional Infrastructure Partners in Education. It is a one semester, 16 college unit pre-apprenticeship program that prepares students for apprenticeship in 13 different trades building our region's infrastructure. You also learn about green technology used in these trades. STRIPE is a holistic program that includes daily PE, contextualized basic skills in reading blueprints and solving construction math problems, and helps students develop and market themselves by writing resumes and participating in mock interviews with industry experts. It includes classroom instruction and hands-on building projects, field trips, and guest speakers.  

  3. What is "infrastructure"? Infrastructure is the support systems to our daily lives. It is our roads, bridges, levees, rail, and public works buildings such as the airport, schools, and hospitals. It is not residential construction. Our program is not designed for that. Cosumnes River College (CRC) has a residential construction program. Contact them at

  4. What do I learn in STRIPE's Pre-Apprenticeship program? This is very much a hands-on learning environment. You learn about the construction industry by going on field trips and listening to guest speakers. You learn about safety, proper use of tools, problem-solving using construction math, and soft skills such as communication effectiveness, job preparation skills, and work ethics. You also apply your skills of safety and using tools to lab project such as building a brick wall, soldering pipes, maneuvering large equipment on simulators, and creating solar-powered gadgets, to name a few. You will have a daily PE class to build body strength, endurance, and overall health. Finally, you get expert assistance by ARC's Career Center in writing winning resumes and mastering the art of interviewing. 

  5. Do I get paid as a STRIPE pre-apprentice? No. When you get into an apprenticeship program you begin to earn as you learn. Completion of STRIPE pre-apprentice does not guarantee you acceptance into an apprenticeship program. It does provide you with valuable information to direct your choice of a trade to enter.  As a college student you are encouraged to complete an application for financial aid (FAFSA) and apply for a fee waiver (BOG).  

  6. What is apprenticeship? Apprenticeship is an "earn while you learn" program that includes on-the-job training with classroom instruction. As an apprentice, you work for an employer at the same time you are enrolled in an apprenticeship training program. This is a very special arrangement, and when you apply to apprenticeship and pass their assessments, they typically give you a list of employers to seek employment with. Once you have secured that, you begin to earn $15-$18 per hour. You will earn a full range of benefits as well. Each apprenticeship program works a bit differently, but basically you attend their training program about 100 hours per year. Apprenticeships range from 2 years to 5 years.

  7. What apprenticeships do I learn about in STRIPE? We are partners with 13 different apprenticeships and they include: 1) Bricklayers & Stonemasons, 2) Carpenters, 3) Cement Masons, 4) Drywall/lathers, 5) Electricians, 6) Iron Workers, 7) Laborers, 8) Operating Engineers, 9) Pile drivers, 10) Plumbers, 11) Sheet Metal Workers, 12) Surveyors, and 13) Teamsters. You will meet the coordinator or director of apprenticeship training of most programs as well has get hands-on experience in many of the trades during your lab time or on a field trip to their site.

  8. What's the benefit of getting into an apprenticeship program? First of all, an apprenticeship program is not the same as a STRIPE pre-apprentice. You do not get paid as a pre-apprentice. However, once you are an apprentice, there are many benefits:
    1) you earn money and don't have any tuition debt;
    2) you learn a skilled trade that you can use anywhere in the USA;
    3) you earn great benefits including medical, dental, vision, vacation pay, and a pension.

    Furthermore, for five specific apprenticeships, you can apply your apprentice training courses towards an associate's degree at ARC. Those apprenticeships include 1) Carpenters, 2) Drywall/Lathers, 3) Iron Workers, 4) Electricians, and 5) Sheet Metal Workers.  

  9. What is the outlook for work in the construction industry? By completing STRIPE, you show the apprenticeships that you are committed to this career pathway and that you have acquired skills and knowledge that prepare you to be successful as an apprentice.  

  10. What if I can't get into apprenticeship after STRIPE? What do I do then? We suggest you continue building your skills and certifications. One way to do that is come back to ARC to earn some of our technical certificates such as welding, solar energy, diesel, and electronics, to mention a few. Earning more skills and certificates gives you a competitive advantage in getting into apprenticeship and landing a job.  

  11. How do I enroll in STRIPE? Enroll the same way as you do for any other ARC class. There are 2 classes that are 8 weeks long and you take them sequentially. Visit the schedule under "Pre-Apprenticeship" and look for Infrastructure (PreAp 11) and Green Technology (PreAp-141). With each class, you will also need to enroll in Workforce Fitness (FITNS-101/102), a 1-unit PE course. Both classes run Monday - Thursday from 7:30 am - 3:40 pm.  

  12. Where are the classes held? They are held at our Twin Rivers Campus, located across from Grant High School, at 1333 Grand Avenue, Sacramento 95838 (Buildings H and J).

  13. How long are the classes? There are two classes and each class is 8-weeks. Class schedule is Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am - 3:40 pm. You complete the program in 16 weeks (one semester). 

  14. Who do I talk to for more information? Contact Hong Tran, STRIPE Coordinator at (916) 484-8521. As with any program of study, you should meet with an academic counselor.