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Mechtronics Degree

This degree provides training in a multi-disciplinary field of which the primary focus is industrial automation. Topics such as electricity, electronics, industrial motor controls, programmable logic controllers, robotics, AC/DC drives, mechanical design, and manufacturing technologies are covered in  this program.

Career Opportunities:

This degree provides students with the knowledge to successfully enter a variety of electronics and telecommunication careers. Working closely with our industry partners and contacts ensures our curriculum is relevant and meets the current and future needs of the Electronics and Telecommunications Industry. American River College is an official test site of the National Association of Radio and Telecommunication Engineers (NARTE) for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) General Radio Telephone License. Obtaining the Associate of Science degree and the certificate improves the opportunities for quality employment and career advancement.


Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:


Course List: Required Program

First Semester:

DESGN 100 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) 3 Units

ET 302 Principles of Electricity and Electronics 4 Units

WELD 300 Introduction to Welding 3 Units


 Following Semesters:

DESGN 302 Technical Documentation with CADD 3 Units

ET 192 Introduction to Robotics 2 Units

ET 194 Intermediate Robotics 2 Units

ET 195 Electrical and Mechanical Power and Control Systems 3 Units

ET 253 Industrial Communication Systems Support 4 Units

MGMT 360 Management Communication 3 Units

PHYS 310 Conceptual Physics 3 Units


[ [ ENGR 307 Industrial Materials Testing (3) 5 - 8 Units

and MATH 100 Elementary Algebra (5 Units) ]

or [ DESGN 310 Graphic Analysis and Documentation (3 Units)

and DESGN 330 Engineering Systems and Design (5 Units) ] ]

or [ WELD 342 Symbol Reading, Layout and Fabrication (3 Units)

and ET 196 Sensors, Measurement, and Control (2 Units) ]

                                                            Total Units: 35 - 38