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Mechatronics Certificate (2015-2016)

This certificate provides training in a multi-disciplinary field focusing on industrial automation. Topics includes electricity, electronics, industrial motor controls, programmable logic controllers, robotics, AC/DC drives, mechanical design, and manufacturing technologies.


Career Opportunities:
Gainful employment information
This certificate prepares the student for the following career opportunities: industrial mechanical/electrical systems technician, food processing machine service technician, facilities systems technician, waste water systems technician, manufacturing coordinator, field service technician, and mechanical electrical machine systems installer.


Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:


Course List: Required Program

First Semester:

DESGN 100 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) 3 Units

ET 302 Principles of Electricity and Electronics 4 Units

WELD 300 Introduction to Welding 3 Units

Second Semester:

DESGN 302 Technical Documentation with CADD 3 Units

ET 197 Introduction to Mechatronics 4 Units

Other Semesters:

DESGN 310 Graphic Analysis and Documentation 3 Units

DESGN 328 Engineering Modeling and Design 3 Units

ET 193 Robotica and Sensors OR
ET 199 Advanced Mechatronics 4 Units

                                                            Total Units: 27